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      Mr. Korpong Karnjanapiya


      INTECH 2000 CO., LTD. established in 1992, supplied various kinds of instruments.
      The instrument INTECH 2000 has supplied are as follows;


      INTECH 2000 often gives clients recommendation and
      design in engineering knowhow as free of charge,
      even if the clients are purchasing nothing. Those
      are INTECH 2000's advantage that all clients have
      felt free to contact us all the time to ask some
      assistance up to supplying them the products.


      INTECH 2000 has a service center which has a service
      team to provide service to its clients all the
      time if the products have a problem. The service
      team is composing of 5 service engineers, 5 service
      technicians and 15 skill & labour peoples.
      The service engineers, moreover, are able to provide
      any training and seminar to general clients if
      they desired.


• Flowmeters in every principle of measuring, for example, Turbine Flowmeter, Positive Displacement  Flowmeter, Vortex Flowmeter, Magnetic Flowmeterand etc.
• Process instruments, for example, Indicator, Controller, Programmer, Recorder, Pressure Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Level Sensor, Transmitter and Ultrasonic Fowmeter etc.
• Vibration Analyzer and some kinds of maintenance products, for example, Tacho Meter, Ultrasonic Leak Detector, Sound level meter, etc.
• Waste Water treatment System, only monitoring and control not in turn key project.
• Moisture Analyzer, Hygrometer, Air Velocity Meter.
• Combustion Efficiency Analyzer
• Metering Pump and Control Valve
• Gas Detector for Safety use